day 186

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As i was too sore to really move anywhere today… i didnt end up taking a photo of the day… i did however get to speak to my parents… they have been updating me on my aunts condition almost everyday and it doesnt look hopeful… shes in pain and near the end… so todays photo is from one of the adverts that is in my cancer lesson… i think it is very true and a pretty clever idea… so im dedicating todays photo to my aunty and all those other people that are suffering and beating cancer.. stay strong… 


day 185

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ITS THE WEEEEEEEKEEEEEEND BABY!!!!! so what do we decide to do? well… going away was not really one of the options so we decided to try our hands at snow boarding… obviously for saffas its like making a fish do the hurdles… not something that we are trained to do if you know what i mean… but we decided to give it a go and see where it would take us… welll…… WE LOVED IT! the three and a half hours we spent on the mountain were so worth it… even if i couldnt move the next day… that was not a problem… i can see many an hour spent on those ski slopes cutting some powder.. whoop whoop!

day 185’s photograph is courtesy of our dear friend and snowboarding coach kiwi.. who caught me at my best moment… face down in the snow… snowboard in air… winning shot if you ask me

champion snow boarder

day 184

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Movember hits korea…. As one of my lessons for my boys, i decided to devote a week of teaching them about movember and cancer awareness… this involved explaining a little bit about cancer and different kinds of cancer that you get… we then learnt words of encouragement and slogans that can be said to people that, not only have cancer but have other sicknesses aswell. these included get well… im thinking of you… you can fight this… stay strong… i then got the boys to make their own moustaches and write words of encouragement on them… so i have a weeks worth of pictures devoted to this topic because it is so relevant in my life at the moment and it is so important. So the first photo is of one of my favourite grade 2 students james… i found it hilarious when i asked to photograph him this is the face he pulled… hmmmmmm

day 183

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here it comes… with winter arriving, and the possibility of snow fast approaching… i feel that this is going to be the least of my worries in the morning… but i do have to admit… even though im not a morning person AT ALL… theres something kinda beautiful and peaceful in the mornings… i enjoy my walk down even though its usually really cold… but its almost a calm before the busy day ahead of me….

try driving this...

day 182

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so tomorrow, all my grade three boys (matrics) write their hectic government exam… all round korea this is written… everyone goes to school and work later so as to make sure that the boys (and girls) all get to school on time and arent held up in traffic or there are any accidents etc… pretty hectic if you ask me… but these are like big general tests that will be used for university entrance exams… kinda like the american sats? anyway so the kids write for like 7 hours or something ridiculous like that… so this is our school getting ready for the exam.. the class rooms are rearranged and the rest of the boys at the school dont have to come to school… lucky hey 🙂 heres wishing my boys good luck!

day of doom approaches

day 181

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so… i know that i have taken many photos of various things jst showing how much i am not going to enjoy winter… and todays photo is no different. PLEASE meet my new best friend this winter…his name is navien… and he is my pride, my joy, my saviour… he is….. my heat controller.

navien... love of my life

day 180

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i have been terrible with keeping my photos all up to date but i am going to try my best from now on… so after a nice quiet weekend… i head back to school today… korean class is luckily cancelled today because the principal wants to have dinner with us the following night… so after getting home from school i decide that i dont really want to make myself dinner and would rather eat out… it would have been awesome if the woman werent so suprised that i wanted to eat by myself.. and apparently you cant have barbeque with one person so i ended up ordering two portions and stuffing myself with beef… yum 🙂

yummy 🙂